"Several months after being promoted to my new Executive position at SACRI, I discovered that working with an executive coach was an effective way to accelerate my learning, though at first I wasn't sure whether coaching was right for me.

A colleague highly recommended Glenn so I decided to try it. After one session I wish I did it years ago! Glenn has a straightforward style and a keen eye for handling management and interpersonal issues.

He had very effective suggestions that were easy to understand and implement. He really transformed my professional growth and effectiveness. He has a lot of experience and is an excellent coach. He is accessible and eager to help. I would highly encourage and recommend others to contact Glenn Chomiak!"

Dr. Peter Forsyth - Director
Southern Alberta Cancer Research Institute
SAlberta Cancer Board / University of Calgary
Calgary, AB

"I have been working with Glenn Chomiak for a year and a half. The investment I have made with Glenn has not only been rewarding, but it has also put me on a path of growth personally and professionally which I have been seeking for years. Finding the right coach who can motivate and mentor one's self is very important. For example, it can afford abilities of execution and follow through. Glenn has been able to bring a work life balance that has been missing for me.

The approach and framework that Glenn uses have given me excellent tools to incorporate within my business, my management style as well as my personal life. For anyone seeking a Personal Development Coach where you are seeking to propel yourself forward professionally and personally, I would highly recommend Glenn Chomiak because of his commitment, professionalism, and dedication to his client."

Sabina Souliere - President
Executive Steps Inc.
Calgary, AB

"I have been coached by Glenn for about a year and a half. I've never had a coach before this, and wasn't sure what to expect as far as results in what I could achieve. It wasn't more than a month into it did I start to see results and a difference in my confidence and approach to behaviors I wasn't aware of. From that, I have been able to develop and grow my self-awareness and various other traits and leadership skills to improve myself in order to become a more effective leader. Dealing with Glenn was and continues to be a great experience. I find that he's very interpersonal and comes with a vast amount of experience and tools at his disposal in order to help with coaching and or mentoring regardless of what scenario one may be faced with. It has been a great experience to have worked with Glenn and an eye opener for what true coaching is and can do to help individuals succeed."

Darren Venne - Group Lead, Centralized Services Energy Asset Management
Cenovus Energy Inc.
Calgary, AB

"As a coach, Glenn uses powerful encouragement and thought provoking exercises that are relevant to your growth and development as a Leader. The benefits to my work and home life have been tremendous from the perspective of communication, motivation and inspiring others to strive to be the best they can be." Thank you, Glenn.

Angela Van Unen - A & D Group Lead, Surface Land
Cenovus Energy Inc.
Calgary, AB

"Could there possibly be a more passionate and caring coach! It is for this outstanding quality that it gives me great pleasure to speak of Mr. Glenn Chomiak of Life Craft Coaching and the powerful direction that he has provided to both myself and my entire Web Development firm. Working with Life Craft, I accomplished things that otherwise would have been put on the back burner. It's not that I am now working harder, but rather more efficiently. And in the same breath, Glenn has encouraged me to give myself permission to take a break from it all, too!

The beauty of working with Glenn is that I always feel empowered - that it was me driving the decision-making. A compassionate and attentive listener, Glenn is able to get to the heart of the matter in a single question and he is always generous in sharing information and particularly valuable resources that he, himself, has developed. Really, I cannot fully describe the depth of this experience with Glenn Chomiak. Only that the value that I have received has far exceeded my investment. I am truly grateful and to this day, I and my team continue to reap the benefits for his caring guidance and wealth of experience."

Sonja Gosteli - President
Globi Web Solutions
Calgary, AB

"My coaching experience with Glenn far exceeded my expectations and I can confidently recommend him to anyone wanting to enhance their life on a personal and professional level. Glenn provides simple tools to use to move your performance to a higher level. He will both challenge and support you. My own self awareness is deeper now and I am growing more awareness of other's personality styles allowing me to adapt as necessary for positive results. Glenn has a wealth of life experience which he shares wholeheartedly with his clients. If you are looking for someone who can truly make a difference in your life, Glenn is that person!"

Linda Bernier - Team Lead, Mineral Land Asset Management
Canadian Foothills Division
EnCana Corporation
Calgary, AB

"As an amateur athlete, I had hit a plateau when it came to competing in my chosen sport. After a few sessions with Glenn, my outlook, perception, and attitude completely changed and I was once again able to focus on the necessary aspects required to successfully compete. Glenn's guidance helped me to understand how my perception of competitors and the situations that take place moments before a competition can highly affect my performance, and he gave me the tools adjust my focus and commit to my training, skill and abilities. Glenn taught me how to avoid distractions, and to embrace the entire experience of competition by being in the moment." Thank you Glenn!

Catherine Taylor - Adult Competitive Figure Skater

Calgary, AB

"My family and I recently underwent some significant life changes when we moved to Ottawa and I took on a new position. Glenn was instrumental in helping me manage through the change from both a personal and career perspective. He provided the guidance and tools to adapt quickly to the new environment.

In my job, Glenn provided several tools and a vision for me in my new role, which I was able to use almost immediately to establish relationships with my new team. He gave me the insight to help me understand each individual in my group and methods to effectively communicate with them. It was this jump-start that helped me adapt to the new challenges in a short period of time.

On a personal level, my family and I had undergone a move to another city that disrupted our routine and required us to build new relationships. Glenn understood our difficulties based on his past experience, and provided advice to help us through the transition. He showed significant patience as we worked through the issues together.

Glenn's approach is straight forward and effective. For anyone undergoing a change, I would highly recommend Glenn as a person with the background, knowledge, and creativity to guide you through it."

Patrick Gurtler - Director, Product Development
SMART Technologies
Ottawa, ON

"Glenn's coaching approach focuses on helping individuals achieve balance both personally and professionally. He is an extremely good listener who is empathetic, communicates well and offers practical easy to implement solutions to assist professionals who want to grow personally and in their career paths.

For anyone who wants to take their career to the next level, have better relationships in their personal lives, or who may recognize the need for personal change & professional growth, I would strongly recommend meeting with Glenn."

Scott Narowski, Director - Business Development & Analysis
Greyhound Canada Transportation Corporation
Calgary, AB

"True coaching requires courage, commitment, and a superb coach. The result is a liberating journey that is both challenging and joyful. Glenn Chomiak is a superb business and personal coach. I worked with him for a year. He was remarkably quick and adept at pinpointing my "coaching opportunities" -- those unwitting gaps in my integrity that were holding me back, both professionally and personally. Glenn was truly committed to my success, and as thrilled as I was with every inch of my progress. I would highly recommend Glenn as a coach."

Virginia Queenan - Consultant
Emerge Performance Solutions
Calgary, AB

"Thanks to Glenn's business experience and excellent coaching skills, our team is building a strong foundation together, and producing superior quality work. Glenn's ability to pinpoint the areas of our workgroup requiring attention and present implementable tools to increase our effectiveness to our clients has added great value to our team. The follow up has been timely and immensely helpful. Thank you Glenn."

Gail Gibbons - Marketing Strategist Community & Protective Services
The City of Calgary
Calgary, AB

"The moment I met Glenn, I instinctively knew that this was a special person.

His energy - infectious.
His passion - inspiring.
His compassion - comforting.

Personal/Professional growth isn't easy nor is it for the faint of heart. It's so easy to fall back into a place of comfort when things get tough and you've lost your confidence.

I found Glenn to be encouraging and compassionate when I needed him to be and equally forceful and demanding when I needed that side of him to show up.

There were times I tried to "BS" both of us - he knew it before I did and called me on it.

Long after our sessions were over, I continue to grow."

Oil & Gas Industry
Calgary, AB