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Life Craft offers coaching in two focus areas when it comes to content and need requirements.

These two areas are categorized as Personal & Professional Development Coaching, and Business Coaching, both focused on your success and Balance in Life and Work.

Coaching, seminars, workshops and more...

One-on-One Coaching

Life Craft provides value through "Versatility Coaching". A company can expand its use of a Coach to more people and areas during the designated block of time. In the event there is a need to reschedule a session for travel, meetings and Work/Life commitments, the session can be rescheduled or utilized by another individual(s).A highly personalized program with One-on-One interaction designed to meet the needs of the individual and their learning requirements for growth and success. Sessions are held on a weekly or bi-weekly basis during a 1 - 2 hour scheduled block of time, in person or on a telephone call. In addition to these designated sessions, clients are required to work on program material between 2 to 3 hours a week.
Additional support throughout the week is provided via e-mail and telephone calls.

TEAM/Group Coaching

Team Coaching is highly cost and time effective and reaches more individuals within a company than individual coaching can.Team/Group coaching focuses on either developing and working with groups of individuals to enhance and form cross-functional and multi-skilled TEAMS, or as skill and knowledge building programs to enhance and develop people from different areas within your company .Some individual one-on-one interaction with a coach is present for personal growth development coaching (Intra-personal skills, inter-personal relationships).

Seminars and Workshops

The end result is little or no CHANGE, limited value, and an ineffective use of time and resources.Far too often, after attending a seminar or workshop, after the buzz and excitement has settled, we neglect to use what we learned, throw the material in the bottom drawer of our desk, and tend to revert back to "old ways" and past "comfort zones".

To effectively learn one must understand and accept CHANGE, since learning is about changing, and changing is about bringing an end to something and starting new.

Life Craft believes in tailoring seminars and workshops to deliver knowledge, skills and above all, value, to each and every individual participating. Seminars and workshops are designed and delivered with intention of embracing concepts and methods then actively utilizing them through implementation & support. Without the last step, where's the benefit?

The same Life "CRAFTS" processes used in our Coaching Programs, are used for developing and delivering our Seminars & Workshops.

Collaboratively, we work with you to understand the need(s) of the organization and participants, then develop the content, deliver an interactive seminar/workshop, and finally assist in the implementation and future use of the learned material through participant follow up, assignments, material distribution and coaching support.

To learn more about Life Craft Coaching Programs, Seminars & Workshops, please contact us, and we would be more than happy to set up an informational meeting convenient to your schedule, to answer any questions you may have.

"When you hear something you forget it
When you see something you remember it
But not until you do something, will you begin to understand it"

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