Life Craft Personal & Professional Development Coaching

Personal & Professional Development Coaching go hand in hand since the skills acquired through discovery, learning and enhancement are used in both Life and Work. Both areas explore and develop intra-personal skills and interpersonal relationships, but differ based on application and the setting they're used in.

Personal Development is about clarification of values and visions, goal setting and taking new actions for a more satisfying, successful balanced personal life, whereby Professional (Executive) Development concentrates on the individual's working life. Interpersonal development, personal change, goal setting and transformation are all present with an aim to enhance & balance the quality of the professional's working and personal life.

Some benefits of Personal & Professional Development Coaching

  • Conflict Management & Resolution skills
  • Maintaining Balance (Work & Life)
  • Increasing Awareness & Self-Awareness
  • Clarifying values, vision, needs & wants
  • Communication & Inter-personal skills
  • Improved performance & productivity
  • Enhance creative thinking & ideas
  • Harness & eliminate Fear
  • Stronger Personal & Professional Relationships
  • Effective decision making/problem solving skills
  • Strategic Planning
  • Better utilization & organization of your "TIME"
  • Move from "Perfection" to "Excellence"
  • Use of "Power of Attraction"
  • Understanding personality differences
  • Skills to manage and coach individuals and teams
  • Greater Flexibility & Adaptability to CHANGE
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal Skills Development (Intra-personal)
  • Managing stress & anxiety
  • Quality of Life, Quality of Work
  • Better use of people, skills & resources (Leverage)
  • Effective Goal setting, planning & implementation
  • Reduce/eliminate procrastination
  • Overcome road blocks, gaps & limitations
  • Using the word "NO" positively
  • Personal & Professional Commitment
  • Build personal & professional networks
  • Focus, challenge and accountability
  • Personal re-alignment, managing your behaviors