Life Craft Business Coaching

Business Coaching can be applied to all types of businesses. This can range from one-on-one executive coaching & team coaching in large organizations, to coaching managers and owners of small to medium sized companies in both individual and group settings.

Business Coaching concentrates on the enhancement and development of two equally important, but separate components. The business component consisting of strategic objectives, bottom line benefits, systems and processes, and the human component focusing on intra-personal skills and inter-personal relationships in the workplace.

A recognizable problem within an organization or company isn't always coming up with good ideas, strategies and processes, it's being able to properly recognize, implement and successfully execute them.

Conversely, the human component is frequently ignored all together, and can result in insecure, demoralized management and staff lacking in vision and enthusiasm. This oversight in communication, compatibility and trust, inadvertently affects productivity, performance and the longevity of that individual in the organization.

Whether your starting or growing a business the potential of any company or organization is in sustaining growth and development of the human and business components respectively.

Some benefits of Business Coaching

  • Maintaining Balance (Work/Life)
  • Attract more business, increase profitability
  • Succession & Strategic planning
  • Increased service & customer retention
  • Build on successful TEAMS, not just individuals
  • Enhance for effective systems and processes
  • Conflict Management & Resolution skills
  • Effective decision making/problem solving skills
  • Personal Skills Development (Intra-personal)
  • Better relationships with Supervisors & Reports
  • Embrace CHANGE and transition
  • Broaden knowledge, ideas and solutions
  • Organizational & operational enhancement
  • Increased Business Awareness
  • Increase people potential & creativity
  • Effective Goal setting, planning, implementation
  • Improve management, employee retention
  • Create culture of Synergy & Buzz
  • Apply Business foundation principles
  • Better use of people, skills & resources (Leverage)
  • Leadership/Management Development
  • Communication & Inter-personal skills
  • Better relationships with Peers
  • Remove fears, anxieties & work stressors
  • Promote initiative & accountability
  • Create passive income & business opportunities
  • Identify new markets & future investment
  • Committing to action & taking action