What is Life Craft Coaching?

In general terms, coaching is about supporting people, in an effort to assist them in achieving the goals they have set. Unfortunately, sometimes the meaning of "Coach" is misunderstood to mean consultant, and consulting is portrayed as "Coaching". A Coach does not provide expert opinion, solutions for a problem, or advice.

Life Craft Coaching focuses on the future goals & possibilities, of People and Business; not what happened in the past, what doesn't work or past mistakes.

Balance, continued growth, and uninterrupted success is achieved through an unconditional supportive relationship established with our clients, along with the effectiveness of mutual collaboration and style of communication we use in the Coaching Process.

The Craft in Life Craft Coaching is as much about the way in which things are done as about what is done.

Whether Personal Development Coaching or Business Coaching, or a blended combination of both, our clients success does not lie in the advice, answers or industry knowledge we provide to them; it lies in our ability to properly extract, implement and successfully execute what they already know, their thoughts, needs, ideas and information, through the Craft of Question.

The questioning process raises awareness, self-awareness and insight to a level which allows the individual the opportunity to find and understand their own solution to the problem. Further support, mutual commitment, and accountability ensure proper motivation levels required to achieve goals and complete action plans.

"Like athletes, the people in an organization need to develop an inner state conducive to performance, since the most formidable opponent is in the head, not on the playing field"

Life Craft Coaching Process

At Life Craft the initial step to Personal Development or Business Coaching is to establish a relationship between Coach and Client.

  • Getting to know each other
  • Understanding the reason for a coaching relationship
  • Establishing the grounds for relationship success
  • Creating and building rapport
  • Understanding your commitment level, and if your coachable
  • Determining whether there is a need for coaching
  • Understanding of what a program is all about
  • Setting Expectations

Mutual consent and willingness to commitment to participation in the relationship, sets the stage in developing a tailored Coaching Program which follows the Life CRAFTS process for goal achievement:

Collect & Clarify (Gaining & understanding as much as possible about you, through discovery. Challenges, roadblocks, strengths, weaknesses, goals...)

Re-evaluate & Realization (Understanding situations, awareness & self awareness, creating focus, S.M.A.R.T. goals, thinking, building skills, deciding what to do...)

Action Plan (Creating & forming succession/action plans, continuous learning & development, committing to action...)

Follow Through (Implementing your action plans, building on future possibilities...)

Test, Measure & Assess Results (Building on results, positive feedback, support, enhancement, progress (awareness, emerging skill, competence, and proficiency)...)

Success (Celebrating success and your accomplishments)

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